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3 February 2019
LO ZINGARO NATURAL RESERVE from afar looks relatively stark and trees are a rarity, however, on closer inspection one comes across a great variety of flora that is unique to this terrain. The humid microclimate makes it possible for over 650 different species to thrive here. Dwarf palms and other shrubs line most of the paths, while in the spring, the grass of the slopes is dotted with thousands of colourful wild flowers, some endemic to the area, such a rare type of sea lavender (Limonium Flagellare) and many other more common species including crocuses, anemones, irises and various kinds of orchid. The Nature Reserve is also a magnet for ornithologists who come to study the local bird population, which includes eagles, peregrine falcons, partridges, kestrels and various kinds of owl. Sea birds also abound. On the animal front you may well cross paths with weasels, hedgehogs, foxes, lizards and even the occasional, harmless, vipers. If you're in the area, whatever the season, you really should take a trek...